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Volume 5 - December, 2014:   (order printed edition)

Currency misalignment: the China case; Nihal Bayraktar, Pennsylvania State University – Harrisburg.

A CRM deployment dilemma at Charger Electronics; Bernice Purcell, Holy Family University; J. Barry Dickinson, Holy Family University.

The U.S. air carrier industry; Alfred G. Warner, Penn State Erie.

Developing Poisson probability distribution applications in a cloud; Jerzy Letkowski, Western New England University.

An acquisition of leadership: cultural differences and difficulties; Tommy Nichols, Texas Wesleyan University; Sinan Yildirim, Texas Wesleyan University.

The effectiveness of internal controls in revenue management. A case study of Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) (2011-2012); Wilson Matamande, University of Zimbabwe; Loveness Nyikahadzoi, University of Zimbabwe; Ever Taderera, Midlands State University; Elinah Mandimika, University of Zimbabwe.

The new airport in Istanbul; expectations and opportunities; Yildirim Saldiraner, Atilim University, Civil Aviation School.

Coffee Wars - The Big Three: Starbucks, McDonald’s and Dunkin’ Donuts; Michael G. Brizek, South Carolina State University.

The 787 Dreamliner: will it be a dream or nightmare for Boeing Co.; Lisa A. Schwartz, Wingate University; Jeremy Busby, Wingate University.

Corporate identity for higher education: The GRUsome process of naming a university; Saundra J. Reinke, Georgia Regents University; Catherine P. Slade, Georgia Regents University.

Strategic issues management and economic impact analysis: The case of Central State University ; B. Brian Motii, University of Montevallo; Tom J. Sanders, University of Montevallo.

Sonoco Products Company: A case study of growth through mergers and acquisition ; Michael P. Hughes, Francis Marion University.

Volume 4 - July, 2012:   (order printed edition)

Determinants of student demand at Florida Southern College; Carl C. Brown, Florida Southern College; Andrea McClary, Florida Southern College; Jared Bellingar, Florida Southern College.

The incubators economic indicators: Mixed approaches; Hanadi Mubarak Al-Mubaraki, Kuwait University; Michael Busler, Richard Stockton College.

Dynamism of a night market; Nor Khomar Ishak, Universiti Tun Abdul Razak; Khursiah Abdul Aziz, Universiti Tun Abdul Razak; Amri Ahmad, Universiti Tun Abdul Razak.

An entrepreneurial decision: What if the market moves away from you?; J. Barry Dickinson, Holy Family University.

Typology of night markets in Malaysia; Nor Khomar Ishak, University of Management and Technology (UMTECH), Malaysia; Khursiah Abd. Aziz, University of Management and Technology; Rohaizah Abdul Latif, University of Management and Technology.

Cloud computing: items professional firms consider in selecting data storage firms; Stanley X. Lewis, Troy University; Eddy J. Burks, Troy University; Ernest W. King, University of Southern Mississippi; Carl Smolinski, LSU-Shreveport.

Financing a remodel: The case of a McDonald’s franchisee; Anne Macy, West Texas A&M University; Jean Walker, West Texas A&M University; Neil Terry, West Texas A&M University.

Serial strategic innovation and sustainable competitive advantage: A longitudinal case study; Kimberly S. Davey, University of Alabama at Birmingham; Tom J. Sanders, University of Montevallo.

The push and pull of innovation: A start-up case study; Karen Nicholas, Western Carolina University.

Assessment of the performance of micro enterprises in rural Nepal over time; Pukar KC, Connecticut College.

Volume 3 - August 2011:   (order printed edition)

It’s more than just the perceived exploitation of women. Contemporary issues facing Hooters restaurants; Michael Brizek, Troy University.

Have American corporate leaders lost all sense of ethical responsibility?; Anthony DiPrimio, Holy Family University.

Normalization of balance sheets and income statements: a case illustration of a private plumbing enterprise; Hsin-hui I.H. Whited, Colorado State University – Pueblo.

PetroKazakhstan: time to stay or time to go?; Dorothee Feils, University of Alberta; Grace Allen, Western Carolina University, Pawel Martyniak; Glen Cowan and Associates.

The housing bubble and the GDP: a correlation perspective; Ray Valadez, Pepperdine University.

Bank mergers: Bank of America-Merrill Lynch vs. Wells Fargo-Wachovia acquisitions; Hoje Jo, Santa Clara University; Vivek Durairaj, Santa Clara University; Tim Driscoll, Santa Clara University; Andrew Enomoto, Santa Clara University; Joseph Ku, Santa Clara University.

Calculating the weighted average cost of capital for the telephone industry in Russia; John Gardner, University of New Orleans; Carl McGowan, Jr., Norfolk State University; Susan Moeller, Eastern Michigan University.

Frameworks for establishing and evaluating internal controls: a primer and case study; Denise Dickins, East Carolina University; Margaret O’Hara, East Carolina University; John Reisch, East Carolina University.

Application of Six-Sigma in finance: a case study; Al Ansari, Seattle University; Diane Lockwood, Seattle University; Emil Thies, Zayed University; Batoul Modarress, Zayed University; Jessie Nino, Seattle University.

The double bind in organizational communications; Anthony DiPrimio, Holy Family University.

Lansing Stores, Inc.; James B. Bexley, Sam Houston State University.

General Motors’ Bankruptcy: The Impact on Griffin Motors; Daniel D. Butler, Auburn University; Mary Catherine Colley, Troy University; Timothy S. Fuller, Troy University.

Volume 2 - May, 2010:   (order printed edition) Transforming the South African Credit Market through Group Lending Mechanisms ; Polly Mashigo, Tshwane University of Technology, South Africa.

Going Public—Microsoft, 1986; Hassan Shirvani, University of St. Thomas; Barry Wilbratte, University of St. Thomas.

Coalignment of Observed Versus Expected Practices in an Organizational Change Initiative: A Qualitative Case Study ; Tom J. Sanders, University of Montevallo.

Impact of the nature & characteristics of organisations on non-financial performance measurement: the case of financial services industry; Ehab Mohamed, Sultan Qaboos University; Md. Mostaque Hussain, University of New Brunswick-Saint John.

The Managerial Mistakes that a CEO Must Avoid; Anthony DiPrimio, Holy Family University.

Burton snowboards: origins and spectacular growth; R. Peter Heine, Stetson University.

Accommodating disability or preventing law suits: an application of the ADA; John Finley, Columbus State University; Sherry Robinson, Penn State University.

Whole Foods Market, Inc.; James Harbin, Texas A&M University-Texarkana; Patricia Humphrey, Texas A&M University-Texarkana.

KWIKS: a family affair; Steve Brown, Eastern Kentucky University; Peggy Brewer, Eastern Kentucky University; Kambiz Tabibzadeh, Eastern Kentucky University.

Tejas Steel Supply, Inc.; James Bexley, Sam Houston State University; Joe James, Sam Houston State University.

The Ripple Effects of Genghis Khan Barbecue Cuisine on Hokkaido’s Economy; Takao IIDA, Sapporo University; Akira KATO, Hokkaido University of Education; Makoto OKAMURA, Hiroshima University; Takao CHIBA, Sapporo University.

Google: searching for value; Ronald Kuntze, The University of Tampa; Erika Matulich, The University of Tampa.

Volume 1 - August, 2009:   (order printed edition)
The NetLedger IPO: A Case Study; Michael Adams, Jacksonville University; Terry Mullins, University of North Carolina; Barry Thornton, Jacksonville University.

Trend of Gender Wage Gap among Asian Americans; Jingyo Suh, Tuskegee University.

Racinos – The Marriage of Horse Racetracks and Casino/Slots-Style Gambling – Friends or Foes?; Denis Rudd, Robert Morris University; Richard Mills, Robert Morris University; Frank Flanegin, Robert Morris University; Patrick J. Litzinger, Robert Morris University.

Right for the Customer or Right for the Salesperson; Robert McMurrian, University of Tampa; Erika Matulich, University of Tampa.

“Where’s the Beef?”: Statistical Demand Estimation Using Supermarket Scanner Data; Fred Hays, University of Missouri — Kansas City; Stephen DeLurgio, University of Missouri — Kansas City.

MATERIALITY IN ACCOUNTING VERSUS DECISION-MAKING: A NON-PROFIT CASE STUDY; Charles Pineno, Shenandoah University; L. Mark Tyree, Shenandoah University.

Lukoil’s Global Energy Reach: is the Russian Oil Giant a Solid Investment?; Kasia Firlej, Purdue University Calumet.

A Business Model for the Country Club of Mendon; Sangjoon Lee, Alfred University.

Rebranding Ethereal Cereals: Responding To Healthy Diet Campaigns through Strategic Planning, Partnering, and Human Relations; Laura Chan, Nova Southeastern University; Jeffrey Fine, Nova Southeastern University; Nile Khanfar, Nova Southeastern University; Bahaudin Mujtaba, Nova Southeastern University.

The US-EU Relationship: How European Integration Affects US Exports to the European Union; Mustafa Sawani, Truman State University; Assma Sawani, Westminster College; Casey Copeland, Truman State University.

Achieving Global Growth through Acquisition: Tata’s Takeover of Corus; Kimberly Freeman, Mercer University; Suresh Gopalan, Winston-Salem State University; Jessica Bailey, Winston-Salem State University.

Overcoming the Challenges of a Saturated Market; Barbara Dalby, University of Mary Hardin-Baylor; Patrick Jaska, University of Mary Hardin-Baylor; Chrisann Merriman, University of Mary Hardin-Baylor; Ashley Walters, University of Mary Hardin-Baylor.

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